With the NFL Playoffs this weekend and the Superbowl just a few weeks away, I decided to take my love of board making and give it a football twist!

I love the idea of putting all my favorite tailgate foods together on one huge platter and serving it all at once while watching the game. I like to have something for everyone (including the kiddos!)

The hardest part about making this board was editing down the number of foods I wanted to have on it. Tailgate food might be my favorite thing to eat, so when I compiled a list of 20+ foods I would want to see on my board, I knew a little editing was needed….here was my initial list:

1.     Pigs in a Blanket – served with mustard and ketchup

2.     Pizzas

3.     Samosas

4.     Sweet Potato Fries

5.     Buffalo Chicken Bites with Celery and Carrots

6.     Buffalo Wings served with Blue Cheese Dressing

7.     Pretzels

8.     Crispy Chicken served with BBQ Sauce

9.     Queso Dip with Tortilla Chips

10. Cheeses

11. Salsa & Chips

12. Mac and Cheese

13. Sliders

14. Onion Dip and Chips

15. Chicken Quesadillas with Sour Cream

16. Guacamole

17. Italian Hero Sandwiches

18. 7 Layer Nacho Dip

19. Bacon Wrapped Dates

20. Candied Bacon

21. Popcorn

22. Chex Mix

23. Pirate's Booty

There were a few other ideas but I decided I wanted the board to be of all frozen foods or simple to prepare foods so we went with the following…..

Hebrew National Piggies in a Blanket (to be served with mustard and ketchup)

Bought from Target

Sukhi's Chicken Tikka Masala Samosas with Cilantro Chutney

Bought from Whole Foods

Velveeta & Rotel Queso Dip - served with Tortilla Chips

Bought from a local Supermarket

Buffalo Chicken Bites served with Blue Cheese Dressing and a side of Carrots and Celery

Bought from a local Supermarket

Red Baron Frozen Pizza

Bought from a local Supermarket

Alexia Sweet Potato Waffle Fries

Bought from Whole Foods

Tyson's Crispy Chicken (served with BBQ Sauce)

Bought from Target

And don't forget all the dipping sauces.......