When the Christmas and Hanukah seasons come around, I am always reminded of the foods that I associate with them.

Hanukah is basically synonymous with Latkes (potato pancakes) for me. I have blogged latkes before (recipe here) – but this time I changed up my recipe a bit and are calling these Latkes, my "Three-Onion" Potato Pancakes. In this version of latke, I used onion, scallion AND shallot (I know, I am totally out of control). All three of these are from the onion family, but all have such different and delicious tastes that I used a combo of each.

I also kept my latke recipe gluten free by using Chickpea Flour instead of All Purpose Flour. You could also sub in Gluten Free AP Flour – either will work!

So the idea to top the latkes with a little Crème Fraiche and Salmon came from an article I read about places across the country that make Latke Sandwiches (basically subbing out bread and putting 2 latkes in it’s place). In my opinion….

Latke Sandwich > Ramen Sandwich

...but I digress. This is great dish to have as an appetizer at a party (you can make the latkes smaller and more appetizer friendly), you can serve it as a side dish….or you can do what my husband and I did last night and just have it as a dinner. This is also a great breakfast/brunch option!

Potato Pancakes with Salmon and Crème Fraîche

Prep Time

15 Minutes
Cook Time

20 Minutes
Total Time

35 Minutes

Makes about 10 Potato Pancakes


  • 2 Large Russet Potatoes (Peeled)
  • 1/2 Onion
  • 4 Scallions (sliced thin on a bias)
  • 1/3 Cup minced Shallot
  • 3 T Chickpea Flour
  • 1 1/2 tsps Salt
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Black Pepper
  • 1 Cup Creme Fraiche
  • 3/4 Pound Smoked Salmon (Lox) (sliced thin)


  • In a food processor fitted with a shredder blade, shred your potatoes and onion (if you don't have a food processor you can use a cheese grater). Place in a large bowl and mix in your scallions, shallots, chickpea flour, salt and pepper. Incorporate completely.
  • Heat up a large non-stick skillet with enough Canola Oil just to coat the bottom. Once the oil is hot, take a small handful of your potato mixture, form a 1/2" thick patty in your hand and place in the oil. Fry on both sides til golden brown, remove and let drain on a paper towel. Season the tops with a little pinch of salt.
  • Continue this process until all your potato mixture is used up.*Note: You can make these ahead of time and then just pop them in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes to warm them back up!
  • When ready to serve top the potato pancakes with some Crème Fraîche and Smoked Salmon.