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Seared Scallops in Lemon Butter

I love me some Sea Scallops! Sea Scallops (as opposed to Bay Scallops) are the larger of the scallop family, and when cooked correctly, I think are the best thing to come out of the water. This recipe is super simple, it’s all about the finesse of searing the scallops correctly and not drying them out. The flavors are incredible, and I guarantee you will enjoy every bite of these.

Herb Crusted Tenderloin with Celery Root Puree

I have become semi-obsessed with making root veggie purees lately…I’ve always loved eating them, and now that I realize how easy it is to make a puree that tastes like heaven on a plate, I’m going all out. This dish is super easy to create and tastes incredible! This is a 3 part dish; Spinach, Celery Root Puree & Herb Crusted Tenderloin.n This recipe serves 2.

Pumpkin Pie

Despite the fact that it is currently 80 degrees, rainy and humid in New York City, I still have Fall Fever. Fall is hands down the best season of the year, especially in NYC….the cooler weather, root vegetables in season, fall foods like Apple Pie, Butternut Squash, and one of my favorites: Pumpkin Pie. I was thinking this week that the last time I had pumpkin pie was when my mom last made it for Thanksgiving 2010….that’s 3 years sans pie deliciousness. Now, for anyone that knew my mom, she made EVERYTHING from scratch….there was none of this “store bought” anything….she was the real deal….but we all commonly agreed that the BEST Pumpkin Pie came from the Libby’s Canned Pumpkin Mix. It’s by far the best tasting pumpkin anything I’ve ever had. So while out shopping with the hubby this weekend, I noticed the pumpkin has started to make it’s ...


One of my favorite ways to cook is to make dishes solely out of things I already have in the house. No food shopping, no picking up any random items…it’s like Chopped, but without using Pig’s Intestine and Cupcakes in the same dish. So yesterday, while scouring my fridge, freezer and pantry I came up with the perfect dish….Taquitos! Taquitos bring me back to my high school days, when me and my group of guy friends would hang out. Inevitably we’d end up getting late night food at 7-11….yea, real classy. My friends would always get these gross looking, log-like foods, named Taquitos. God knows what was actually in them, but general the idea of a taquito sounded pretty delicious. So, fast forward 10+ years (AHH!) and now I am making a healthier, non-mystery meat version of Taquitos! They came out delicious and therefore, I share them with you!

Sunchoke Soup with Sage Croutons

The biggest hit of this year’s Thanksgiving was my Sunchoke Soup with Sage Croutons and Pancetta. Sunchokes (commonly know as Jerusalem Artichokes) are those weird little knobby things that look a little bit like Ginger Root, but have such a great flavor. Paired with the saltiness of diced Pancetta and the crunchy sage infused Croutons - you will fall in love with this soup.

Game Day Chili

I am all about extremely rustic, homemade comfort food, and one of my favorite dishes to make during football season is the classic Beef Chili. I do sometimes make a Vegetarian Bean Chili, but nothing compares to the taste and heartiness of a Beef Chili. Today while watching the Giants hopefully attempt to pull themselves out of a terrible losing streak, I started to cook my chili. Chili is one of those great dishes where you make it different every time depending on what you may currently have in your fridge. I love that you can kinda put anything in there - random veggies, spices, chilies, etc. Here’s today’s version of Beef Chili!

Sara Bojarski, Founder & Chef