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Fried Chicken

Good lord do I love anything and everything fried. To me there are two great culinary wonder of the world....Bacon and Fried Foods. So with that, I give you one of my favorite indulgences: Fried Chicken. I must admit, I have a couple of places in NYC that I think have some of the best fried chicken I've ever had, but what's better than cooking a rival dish in your own kitchen?! This chicken is incredibly tender on the inside and super crunchy on the outside (the two main necessities for a good piece of fried chicken).

Fig Bruschetta

When Justin and I first started dating, our first dinner date was to an incredible Spanish Tapas place in the West Village called Alta. They have a menu of over 30 small tapas-sized plates that are beyond incredible….Last week for Valentine’s Day we deicded to go back there and relive out first (awkward) dinner together. So in reminiscing about the start of Justin and my relationship, I decided to take my inspiration from Alta and create my own little Tapas Dinner. One of the dishes I made was this Fig Bruschetta which we both loved!

Stuffed Mussels

Summer in Manhattan can start to ware on a person after a while. To me, this oppressive heat is completely useless unless I am on a beach or by a pool (a mentality that I learned from my mom at an early age). However, in reality, I am in the concrete jungle/sauna/heat box that is Manhattan in August. Also, in the winter, the feeling of being stuck inside while a small blizzard is occurring out your window is enough to drive a sane person mad. The desire to be on a beach in the middle of Bora Bora often enters my mind…So in order to “cure” my desire to be at a beach, I decided I needed to cook a dish that reminded me of the beach and the summer so I decided on Mussels! I’ve never cooked with mussels and I was a little nervous at first to buy ...

Marchi's Salad

One of my family’s favorite NYC restaurants is a small little place in Murray Hill named, Marchi’s. It’s been around since forever and is owned and operated by the Marchi family. It’s a 5 course price fixed, menu fixed Italian place with a menu of fresh veggies, homemade lasagna, fish, chicken, veal, and an assortment of Italian desserts. One of my favorite components of the meal comes in the first course which is a Red Cabbage Salad with Tuna, Capers, Celery and Parsley. This salad is so simple to make and is a great change up from your typical green salad. If you’d like to check out Marchi’s (which I highly suggest you do) click here for their website!

Bacon Wrapped Dates with Parmesan

Bacon I am sure should be listed on one of the Wonders of the World lists, and if it’s not, it is a great injustice done to such an incredible product. You can wrap bacon around just about anything….I love the classic Bacon Wrapped Shrimp or Bacon Wrapped Scallops….I mean let’s be honest, I’d bacon wrap bacon and think it was completely normal. So when I made this dish for a cocktail party at a place I worked, I was intrigued and shocked at how good it was. I say shocked for the mere reason that I am not really a huge fan of dates. To me, they look like cockroaches, and anyone who knows me knows that I fear only ONE thing in life: insects…especially those chitinous awful NYC dwellers….but I digress… This bite of perfection is the perfect combination of salty and sweet along with the perfect textural ...

Sara Bojarski, Founder & Chef