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Pancetta Brussel Sprouts

I didn’t start to like Brussel Sprouts until 5 years ago. If not cooked well, they can have a super bitter taste to them, which is not exactly appetizing. However, this recipe is completely full proof and will turn any Brussel nonbeliever into a Brussel convert. After all, what isn’t delicious when mixed with Pancetta?

Broccoli Cornbread

On a trip down south, my parents came across a restaurant that served Broccoli Cornbread as the bread in it’s complimentary bread basket. After falling in love with it, my mom, being the outgoing and charming woman she was, convinced the chef to divulge the recipe to her. Upon returning from their trip, my mom told me all about this cornbread, which, I must admit at first sounded kind of strange. I decided to try it out as one of the first things I ever really cooked before, and needless to say, I was addicted. I’ve altered the recipe by adding a little more broccoli than was called for because I personally love broccoli, and the texture it gives the bread is incredibly delicious.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

I am a major fan of all pork products, but Bacon may just be my favorite one. You can do so much with bacon, but one of my favorite ways to eat it is by wrapping it around something else and cooking it like that. Whatever you wrap the bacon around, cooks in the bacon fat and just becomes all the better! This combo of bacon, shrimp and cheddar is one of my favorites - great for appetizers for any party!

Zucchini Fritters

There’s nothing I love more than jolly, happy Italian Chefs with delicious food….and Mario Batali is no exception. I love watching him on TV, and as I have written many a time in my blogs, I love his co-owned Italian superstore, Eataly. I also have an affinity for his Orange Clogs and he general sense of style. So I somehow came across his recipe on Food & Wine’s website for Zucchini Fritters and I was sold. Looking at them, the reminded me of Latkes, which I love, so why not make the Italian version?! They were SO easy to make…I mean literally a trained monkey could make these and not mess them up….and they came out great! The best part is, you can make them a few hours in advanced, and then just heat them up in the oven and they retain their crispiness and don’t get soggy.

Sara Bojarski, Founder & Chef