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Marinated Grilled Flank Steak

If you're looking for the perfect, simple marinade for a Flank Steak - look no further. With ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, this marinade is the perfect combo of salty and sweet. The grill helps the honey to caramelize and the soy sauce adds that perfect amount of salty bite to the steak. The biggest note I have is to season the steak liberally with salt and pepper prior to grilling - this will help bring out all the flavors of the marinade. Try this in large batches for your next summer party - it will be a HUGE hit! Enjoy!

Yellowfin Tuna Ceviche Tacos

When my husband and I first started dating, we’d do cook-offs almost every Friday night. The cook-offs were when each of us would create a dish and then present it to the other person and enjoy them both over a great bottle of wine. Our dishes would remain a secret until the final unveiling. We haven’t done this in YEARS…..in fact, we haven’t done this since I have attended culinary school, so I felt the pressure was on for this particular cook off. My inspiration this weekend came from three of my favorite Japanese restaurants in New York City, Morimoto, Nobu and Sushi Samba. Each restaurant has it’s own unique take on Japanese cuisine – different flavors, different fusions of other cuisines, etc. I utilized my favorite elements from all 3 restaurants to create probably one of my new favorite dishes: Yellowfin Tuna Ceviche Tacos. I made my own mini ...

Avocado Toast with Slow Roasted Heirloom Tomatoes

I love Avocado and I love Bread…so when the food trend of Avocado Toast hit it’s apex this year, I totally understood the obsession. But like most great foods, I feel like the avocado toast has become over hyped and I have refused to blog it until I made this version last night. While Avocado Toasts have been topped with everything from Poached Eggs to Smoked Salmon, I went a more Italian route and did mine with one of my favorite homemade condiments: Slow Roasted Heirloom Tomatoes. I have been known to use these tomatoes on Pizza, Tarts and Bruschetta, and now I tried it on my own Avocado Toast. For something as simple as this dish I use REALLY GOOD ingredients (I feel like I sound like Ina Garten), but when the flavors of each ingredient are exceptionally prominent, use the good stuff: amazing Olive Oil we got from ...

One Pan Italian Chicken & Zucchini

I am a big fan of dinners that can be made in one pan (read: less cleanup). I had gotten these beautiful zucchini, grape tomatoes and fresh basil from the local farmer’s market and wanted to utilize them in the perfect, one pan dish that could be made in 30 minutes. The real stars of the show were the addition of the black pepper, the Pecorino Romano cheese and the fresh Basil – these ingredients just amped up this dish to the next level of flavor. I have recently been using Pecorino Romano instead of Parmesan because I think it has a more complex flavor profile and the perfect amount of salty bite. If you want to make this dish even more colorful, you can use 1 zucchini and 1 yellow squash (all of which are in season in the summer!). Also, to stretch this meal, it can be served ...

Roasted Beet Salad

One of my favorite New York City restaurants, Marchi’s, does this simple beet salad consisting of roasted beets tossed in some olive oil with salt and pepper, which I absolutely love. I decided to riff off the simplicity of that and add some bite with some raw red onion and red wine vinegar to make a simple summer salad. This is a great change up from your typical Potato Salads and Macaroni Salads for the summer months (and beets are in season!) Enjoy!

The Best Chicken Marinade

When I was in Culinary School, the day we learned the technique of Grilling it was 110 degrees outside, and the air conditioning in our classroom has unexpectedly stopped working. The thermostat in the classroom read 120 degrees, and to say I wanted to melt on the floor was an understatement. I couldn’t even enjoy learning about the proper grilling techniques because all my brain could process was “must stay alive and not die of heat stroke”. Due to this unfortunate introduction to grilling, I avoided grilling for the next few years, having flashbacks to the Sahara Desert Kitchen I was in, and assuming that all grilling experiences felt like you were on the surface of the sun. Silly as it sounds, that’s how traumatic that day in school was for me. Fast-forward a few years now, and I LOVE grilling. Sitting outside in the fresh air, glass of cold ...

Sara Bojarski, Founder & Chef